OES Genuine Lug Bolt & Accessories

You want to make sure that your vehicle is 110 percent secure when you're driving to work or bringing your kids to soccer practice, and a handy-dandy OES Genuine lug bolt is sure to do the trick. Not everyone may realize this, but the only things keeping your ever-vital wheels from flying off of your ride are some tiny screw-like items known as lug bolts. These components fasten your wheels together with the axle and keep your vehicle rolling through town safely and soundly.

Lug bolts come in many different shapes and sizes based on their usage but all serve the same function of supporting your wheels. These bolts also come in various patterns but most commonly range from four to six bolt patterns. The OES Genuine lug bolt is made with sturdy metal due to its invaluable responsibility and is sure to help bear the brunt of your hefty vehicle's weight. Often times, this item may also come in many stylish colors while show car enthusiasts prefer to use chrome bolts, which provide more bling than the typical metal bolts. You also have the option of further fastening each of your lug bolts using lug nuts, which also come in various finishes that will add to your ride's over-all appearance. Whether you're looking to upgrade your vehicle's look or if you're simply trying to properly secure you wheels and vehicle, a solid set of OES Genuine lug bolt is sure to come in handy. OES Genuine lug bolts are very sturdy thanks to their tried and tested design and durable material. In fact, OES Genuine items have earned an excellent reputation due to their grade-A manufacturing which meets (and exceeds) the standards of our country's top auto makers.

Your wheels are already equipped with factory lug bolts but, through time, they may easily become corroded or stripped. When this happens, these bolts would be rendered unreliable and you should have them replaced with some brand new lug bolts immediately. Lucky for you, installing an OES Genuine lug bolt is relatively simple and won't require anything more than some tools and some old school elbow grease.

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