OES Genuine Lighting Logic Switch & Accessories

Your vehicle isn't safe to drive until you've installed an OES Genuine Lighting Logic Switch in its lighting system. Some vehicle models have a lighting logic assembly, which is typically composed of several transistors, resistors and other tiny parts that play a huge role in the proper operation of the vehicle's lights. All or part of the assembly could fail, including the switch. When this happens, many of the vehicle's lights and other electric features could start to malfunction, which is extremely dangerous on the road. To avoid dangerous situations, it's best not to drive your car and replace its busted lighting logic switch as soon as you can.

A failing lighting logic assembly can have various symptoms depending on what exactly the problem is. For instance, an old assembly could negatively affect the headlights' operation. They may flicker or suddenly stop working along with the vehicle's tail lights, side lights, rear lights, parking and dash lights. Soldering suspect parts of the lighting logic assembly, including the switch, might work for a very short period of time but expect the entire component to fail again due to age and wear. If you're planning to go on a long road trip or perhaps a fishing or hiking trip on faraway rugged terrains, the only option that makes sense is setting up an all-new switch. For the best results, invest in a hardwearing replacement part such as an OES Genuine Lighting Logic Switch.

The lighting logic assembly is a very sensitive part of your vehicle, so never attempt to replace it with a junkyard component or a run-of-the-mill replacement part. If the assembly's switch fails on the highway, you'll be in a ton of trouble. You may even find police officers on your tail because your lights don't work. To be on the safe side, get an all-new OES Genuine Lighting Logic Switch. This switch is manufactured from durable materials, so you can expect it to last a very long time, probably for the rest of your ride's lifespan. The switch complies with all industry standards and OE specs, so you shouldn't have any trouble fitting it to your system. But if you can't properly connect the new switch, don't hesitate to hire the services of a professional mechanic.

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