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A sloppy suspension system can result in a very uncomfortable ride. Maneuvering such a vehicle can be pretty challenging and frustrating so you need to find the source of that problem quick. When there is a sudden loss of control, unnecessary vibrations, or uneven stability; you might be looking at a worn out leaf spring bushing. You can feel that your bushings are already faulty when it's difficult to steer through turns, when braking, or if going over bumps in the road. You may also notice unnatural sagging or lower ride height of the vehicle whenever you place load on it or even while driving. What you'll need are some heavy duty replacement parts just like the OES Genuine Leaf Spring Bushing.

Your car's leaf spring bushing is usually made of rubber or some tough synthetic material that helps limit the vibrations of the axle and the chassis of your vehicle. In time, they may crack or degenerate or may even come loose. When this happens, you get sloppy steering, uneven ride height, and unreliable suspension which can lead to even bigger, more serious damage for your ride. You may replace this part yourself with a high quality item such as the OES Genuine Leaf Spring Bushing but you'll need a complete set of tools in order to remove this part safely. But when you do have all the tools needed, don't hesitate, perform this replacement job yourself instead of paying a mechanic; you'll save a lot of money.

Accessing your car's leaf spring bushing will require a car jack and some jack stands, a wrench, and a hammer. Lift up your vehicle using the jack and secure it firmly on the jack stands to make sure you'll be working on it safely. Locate your leaf spring bushing and you can remove that with your wrench or with a couple of taps of the hammer if it should be too tightly fitted. When you successfully remove that, just grease up your new OES Genuine Leaf Spring Bushing set, fit them in, and you're good to go. Whenever you're unsure of what you're doing, you can consult knowledgeable car repair websites on the internet and there will be people to help you out since replacing a leaf spring bushing is a common car repair procedure.

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