OES Genuine Lamp Failure Sensor & Accessories

Don't be surprised when a cop suddenly stops you on the highway if you still haven't installed an OES Genuine Lamp Failure Sensor. Your busted lamp failure sensor won't be able to detect malfunctioning tail lights or brake lights, so you won't know when you're already being a moving road hazard. As you know, the sensor activates the lamp failure warning light on the dash whenever it detects any irregularities in your wiring or bulbs. The warning light may also indicate that the sensor itself has failed. Act quickly to replace the defective sensor ‘cause it can put you in a lot of trouble on the road-either with cops, your fellow drivers or both.

The first sign of a bad sensor is a warning light that won't turn off even if you've replaced all the bulbs in your tail lights and brake lights and you've sorted out your wiring. The opposite could also happen and the sensor won't come on even if your tail lights are obviously busted. Fortunately, you can always replace your broken sensor with a high-quality OES Genuine Lamp Failure Sensor. Once this sensor is installed, your lights will be working perfectly again. Never reconnect the busted sensor as this may cause the warning light on the dash to stay lit. Soldering the old sensor also won't work as its components are most probably about to give way.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that your best option for a replacement sensor is the local salvage yard. Secondhand parts, especially sensors, are usually in very bad shape, so you can't expect them to last long after installation. Run-of-the-mill sensors sold by suspect retailers and distributors are also a big no-no as they're poorly constructed and aren't worth your money. To make sure you won't have the same problem for a long, long time, go for an OES Genuine Lamp Failure Sensor. This top-notch sensor is made of extremely durable parts and engineered using computer-aided technologies. Its specs are practically the same as its OE counterpart, so it will work perfectly in your vehicle. Remember to wear gloves, goggles and protective clothing when working on your vehicle's electrical system. Review your ride's manual prior to installing the new sensor to be on the safe side.

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