OES Genuine Knock Sensor & Accessories

Boosting the engine efficiency of your high-rated engine is definitely the top reason you are upgrading to the OES Genuine knock sensor. This device will do two things: allows the engine to run in an advanced timing as far as the ignition can allow and promptly detects pinging at the moment it happens. The OES Genuine knock sensor is going to generate a voltage that is already a signal to the engine computer, which is actually monitoring the device. The computer will act by retarding the ignition timing of a variable valve timing (VVT) engine or if you have an older model of automobile, triggering the diagnostic trouble code (DTC).

The pinging or audible knocking sound that the OES Genuine knock sensor will detect is actually caused by the sparks of the air and fuel mixture in its pre-detonation phase. It is the pressure wave that the flame front creates as it moves away from the ignition point of the spark plug and crashes with the piston or cylinder walls of the engine. This can only happen in overly advanced ignition timing or when low octane rating of fuel is used or worst, when the engine is overheating. Unmaintained engine can also mimic a pinging or knocking; deposits of hot carbon on the cylinder head of the engine or pistons will raise compression levels, thereby causing audible knocking in the system. Neglected, this will surely result to unfavorable efficient ratings and worst, damage the engine system.

True to the claim of durability, the OES Genuine knock sensor is manufactured from high-grade Piezoelectric crystal materials that are highly sensitive to impacts. Whenever these materials receive high force, they are known to generate voltage, which will be closely monitored by the engine computer. Once the voltage goes beyond the predetermined levels, the engine computer will readily alter the ignition timing of the engine or actuate an engine trouble light. If the knock sensor is bad, it will be sending the wrong signals to the computer of the engine and thus, allowing it to alter the ignition timing erroneously. Doing this will definitely affect the functionality of the engine and thereby, its performance.

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