OES Genuine Intercooler Hose & Accessories

Having a turbocharged or even a supercharged engine is really awesome and you can even improve its performance even more when you install an OES Genuine Intercooler for an added boost. Also known as a charge air cooler, it functions similarly like your car's radiator, except that the cooler air is used inside the combustion engine for increased power. Since a turbocharged engine can get extremely hot, it's best to get a reliable aftermarket intercooler to not only give your vehicle more power, but also for increased engine reliability and fuel efficiency.

The excess hot air created by a turbocharged engine can cause problems when not paired with a good intercooler. When air gets hot, it will become less dense and loses its oxygen content, which is very much essential in maintaining the combustion cycle; you can't even produce flame without enough oxygen. As such, your intercooler cools down the air making it denser allowing more air into the engine for increased engine power. Make sure that you get an intercooler for that upgraded ride of yours since all that hot air can cause heat damage which can cause wear and tear to any supercharged engine. Depending on your engine's size and design, you need to choose a compatible OES Genuine Intercooler to make sure that it works effectively.

There a couple of different intercooler systems available in the market depending on a driver's needs. Some systems can be front mounted while there are models that are top mounted. Top mounted systems usually need a hood scoop installed so that it can feed air into the component. Otherwise, heat rising from the engine itself can affect the intercooler's performance as it sits directly on top of the engine. Front mounted systems are placed in front of the car where fresh air is forced into it when the car moves forward, negating the need for a hood scoop. Apart from these, there are other variations of intercoolers; air-to-air and air-to-water. As stated, air-to-air intercoolers rely on air passing through the intercooler's tubes to cool down the hot airflow while air-to-water models uses water to carry the heat away from the air travelling into the engine. Choosing the right intercooler model for your car is important in order for you to get the most out of your turbocharged engine. Installing an OES Genuine Intercooler for your car is a sure fire way of getting the performance that you need while at the same time, maintaining fuel and engine efficiency.

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