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Most people would probably be familiar with a couple of car parts but for some components like the induction system, some folks can be a bit clueless. Induction in an automobile is basically the process in which fresh air is pulled into your engine to be mixed with fuel and ignited to produce power. This system is composed of parts like the air filter, the throttle, the intake and exhaust manifolds, and others. Upgrading certain components in this system with, for example, an OES Genuine Intake Manifold Runner Valve can significantly improve a vehicle's performance.

The parts in the induction system work together to get all that fresh air into your automobile's engine starting with the cold air inlet and air filter. The cold air inlet is where the air is drawn into the system placed in such a way that it will limit debris from entering. The air filter also aids in blocking or filtering out dust from entering the engine. Depending on your type of engine, the air will flow into either a throttle or a carburetor that controls the amount of air flow that gets into the engine. Finally, the air gets into the intake manifold where it should be distributed evenly into your engine's cylinders to be mixed with your vehicle's fuel. Although this is just a basic run through of the induction system, it is important to note that you may opt to upgrade certain parts for better fuel efficiency and a good starting point for this would be to get a replacement OES Genuine Intake Manifold Runner Valve.

The intake manifold runner is basically a pipe that connects your car's throttle with the cylinder head giving it access to a flow of fresh outside air. What's important about this part is that it forces more air into the engine using air pressure. Air flows in when the intake valve is open, but once that valve closes, the air flow comes into a stop forcing itself to create a wave of high air pressure that bounces back into your intake runner. This wave of air travels to the end of this pipe where it bounces and goes back again into the intake valve. That high pressure wave should hit the intake valve just at it opens to push in more air. When properly tuned, aftermarket parts like the OES Genuine Intake Manifold Runner Valve can give your engine a significant boost, at a fraction of the cost.

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