OES Genuine Intake Plenum Gasket & Accessories

Turn that vroom into instant zoom when you fix your intake manifold problems using a high-grade OES Genuine intake plenum gasket. For the engine to churn out the needed horsepower, it has to breathe easily through optimum airflow. The intake plenum works hand-in-hand with the throttle body and air cleaner to deliver air that's mixed with fuel for combustion. Thanks to this air chamber of the intake manifold, airflow that's streamed through various cylinders is equalized to prevent the cylinders from running rich or lean. The only problem is, when the engine goes through the cycle of warming up and cooling down, the gasket may eventually blow out because of the sudden changes in temperature.

Once the gasket cracks, vacuum leaks will make the engine run roughly, even to the point that it skips. You really can't afford to have a broken plenum gasket because soon enough this will cause a lot of running problems. A broken plenum may let oil from the crankcase to crawl into the intake, which is bad since unwanted blend of oil will ruin the air-fuel mixture. Aside from constant knocking caused by a cracked gasket or busted plenum, excessive oil burning is also not good for your engine. Up-close, the intake manifold (together with the plenum and intake runners) may seem like a mere series of tubes, a passageway for the mixture that goes straight to the cylinders. However, this unit does so much more-it also aids in the proper distribution of air and fuel. With that in mind, you can only imagine the kinds of trouble a loose or blown-out plenum gasket will create if it's left untreated for a long while. For this kind of auto problem, repair doctors will probably prescribe an OES Genuine intake plenum gasket that's been tried and tested to last long and work well in varied operating conditions.

True to its name, OES Genuine manufactures auto replacement units that are as good as factory-installed parts (or even better). Its strong focus on customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind its success in building parts to exact OE specifications, ensuring not just compatibility but also optimum durability and performance. It offers custom solutions to many car problems. If you're dealing with intake plenum leaks and ensuing engine trouble, an OES Genuine intake plenum gasket can be your best aftermarket option-that is if you want to invest in quality.

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