OES Genuine Intake Manifold & Accessories

If you're looking for a high-quality replacement intake manifold, there's no need for you to far because all you need is this OES Genuine Intake Manifold. Basically, what this component does is to transfer the air-fuel mixture to each cylinder in order to ensure proper combustion. Though the intake manifold is often underappreciated, it plays a crucial role in making sure that the engine of your car generates enough power. So if think that the stock intake manifold that's installed to your car is no longer working as it should, then it's time to get this OES Genuine Intake Manifold right away.

When you take a close look at this intake manifold, you will realize that it's actually a set of tubes that serves as a passageway to the all important air-fuel mixture. Made from high-grade steel, this intake manifold will not rust easily and when it comes to installation, its product manual contains all the instructions so you can mount this component without any problems. Now just in case you encounter some problems installing this intake manifold, you can always ask help from a professional. Without a doubt, this OES Genuine Intake Manifold is what you need to replace the damaged and busted intake manifold that's still installed to your car.

This intake manifold plays a crucial role because it's the one that receives the air-fuel mixture from carburetor or fuel injection system. It basically lets the mixture pass through its tubes before sending it to the intake valves where it will be converted to power. Unlike other intake manifolds, this one from OES offers superb durability because it has undergone all kinds of tests. Not only that, it was designed using the latest engineering techniques to ensure that it's just as good or even better than the original intake manifold installed to your car.

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