OES Genuine Instrument Bulb Socket & Accessories

If you can't see the lights in your instrument cluster, then you might as well check out its bulb sockets; if you find that these sockets are already damaged, then what you need is this high-quality OES Genuine Instrument Bulb Socket. Made from a special kind of plastic, this instrument bulb socket won't yellow over time and what's more important is that it also won't get brittle. By using this instrument bulb socket from OES Genuine, there's no way that you'd have to deal with flickering instrument bulbs anymore.

Installing the OES Genuine Instrument Bulb Socket is so easy that anyone can do it. In fact, you don't have to be a hardcore DIY enthusiast to put it in place. All you need to do to mount this socket is remove the old one, out this into place, and splice the wires so that they'll match the ones being used in your car. What's even more impressive about this OES Genuine Instrument Bulb Socket is that it comes in various styles so that it'll match the right bulbs in the instrument cluster of your car. Durability is something you don't have to worry about this product because it has undergone all kinds of tests to make sure that it'll last for a long time.

The OES Genuine Instrument Bulb Socket is another high-quality product that comes from OES Genuine. By choosing this brand, you can be sure that you're getting a product that has been designed to match the specifications of your ride. Because of that, you won't have any trouble installing it to your vehicle. OES Genuine products have undergone various tests and assessments before being packed and sent to various warehouses all over the United States. By choosing OES Genuine, you'll get high-quality products that are easy to install and affordable at the same time.

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