OES Genuine Input Shaft Seal & Accessories

Chances are, you need an all-new OES Genuine input shaft seal if you find transmission oil leaks. When oil from the broken seal escapes into the clutch, this will probably slip. The input shaft seal is probably leaking if you hear a weeping differential. The grumble from transmission whenever you shift gears shouldn't be ignored. Or else, switching gears and running at varied speeds will be a lot of trouble. You may notice some sort of hesitation even if you change to the correct gear at the right time. As the engine revs up, it might feel like the vehicle isn't running as fast or slowing down at it should. If the input shaft seal is torn or damaged in any way, it's only a matter of time before you notice rough transmission and troubled gear shifting.

The input shaft is crucial to smooth transmission since this is where torque is applied. For instance, in a four-speed transmission, one of the four gear ratios is used on this part to create the needed rpm value at the output shaft. Ideally, the input shaft should turn according to the rpm of the engine. Because transmission fluid is essential to the shifting capabilities of your vehicle, you can't afford to have a leaky input shaft seal. Before this loose or cracked seal creates a bigger problem like jarring transitions to different gears, replace it right away. An OES Genuine input shaft seal is a suitable replacement since it's made to be of premium quality, giving you the same level of performance as the stock part. It's built to last and outperform many aftermarket options out there.

Many practical DIYers and meticulous owners turn to OES Genuine for their most urgent needs for auto part replacements. With years of experience in the automotive parts industry, it has established itself as a reliable brand that offers the best options for a price that's way less than what the dealership charges you. When you buy an OES Genuine input shaft seal, you know you're making a good investment, as it's made of high-grade materials to ensure maximum durability. No need to worry because an OES Genuine input shaft seal is covered by a standard warranty.

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