OES Genuine Ignition Wire Set & Accessories

Why let those defective ignition wires ruin your day if you can have them replaced with high-quality units from OES Genuine Spark Plug Wire? Yes, this wire set from OES Genuine contains ignition wires that can efficiently transmit spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. These wires are made using modern technology and have been subjected to strict quality control systems to be able to meet or even exceed the capabilities and performance of the factory-installed wires they are about to replace. Wires in this set are also easy to install. In fact, you can get the task done all by yourself without using any tool.

If you already have an OES Genuine Spark Plug Wire, you can start off by propping the hood open and finding the ignition or spark plug wires. Most of them are black but there are vehicles that have orange, blue, or red wires. Get the wires from the Spark Plug Wire and see their label. By pulling on the boot, remove your old spark plug wires one at a time. Pull the other end of the wire to disconnect if from the distributor cap. It's a good idea to check the condition of the spark plug. If it is already black in color, if there are heavy deposits, and if the core nose and its electrodes look damaged, might as well replace your spark plug. Put the new wires from the OES Genuine Spark Plug Wire in their respective places. For these wires to last long, install them properly in their slots so they won't rub with each other. If you notice that some of the ignition wires are still in good working condition, put them back in place and replace only those faulty or damaged units.

While ignition wires can be purchased individually at a much lower price, getting an OES Genuine Spark Plug Wire is still advantageous in the long run. In case only a few wire needs replacement, you can keep those extra wires for future use. Since it comes in set, you just have to pay for the shipping once. When one of the remaining stock wires fail, you can replace it right away with the extra wires you kept. You no longer need to make a purchase and wait for the product to be delivered before you can start with the replacement process.

So if you think your spark plug wires are starting to act up, better look through Parts Train's catalog now to find the OES Genuine Spark Plug Wire that's specifically made for your ride. Despite our more than 1M products in stock, you won't have any problem in finding the exact part you need. Our user-friendly online catalog will help you achieve that in just a few mouse clicks. Not only that, all our automotive solutions are offered at reasonable prices so you need spend a fortune just to restore the functions of your ignition. Post your order on our online catalog or call our toll-free hotline anytime of the day.