OES Genuine Ignition Wire Holder & Accessories

Eliminate the tendency of your ignition wires getting burned with the OES Genuine ignition wire holder. This after-sale replacement part will keep every single wire in your engine system from touching the hot and vibrating cylinder head or other engine components. That way, none of your wires will become damaged long before its recommended service life. As a result, the functions of your ignition wires to deliver igniting voltage to your spark plugs will be efficiently performed. On top of that, securing these wires of your ignition system is also de-cluttering your engine bay. With all these benefits from this small mounting part, you are surely giving your vehicle what it needs. And choosing OES Genuine ignition wire holder is totally the right decision.

Generally, your ignition wire is highly insulated to ensure it can safely transport the voltage coming from the ignition coil of your vehicle down to the distributor and every plug. Over time, this voltage can cause arcing on the electrical conductor in the wire. This is the primary cause of damage and irregularity of this wire. But sometime, when they are not fixed in place and allowed to dangle or stay on top of the cylinder head or anywhere in the engine, they are subjected to extreme conditions that will eventually take toll on its insulation and thus the wire. Therefore, it is imperative that it is secured properly with the OES Genuine ignition wire holder. Made by a trusted manufacturer in the industry, this product guarantees reliable performance under extreme conditions in the engine compartment.

Installing this new holder in place of your original part is easy. You only need to remove the old part and fit this one in its place. The only issue you will have in doing so is its location in your engine compartment. And because it carries large voltages from the coil, you have to be very careful in accessing it. To ensure you won't get electrocuted, disconnect the negative cable of your battery and let the engine cool for a while. Start the task by preparing the OES Genuine ignition wire holder you will need and the fittings that comes with it. And for the best result from this restoration project, use the install manual that is packed with every new wire from the brand.

You don't have to go far to find the exact match of wire holder for your vehicle because we have it right here. We have a comprehensive catalog of spare auto part and accessories that are neatly categorized according to automobile makes and models. You can browse this listing and choose one that suits your current need. We have also prepared online order forms for you to complete and book orders on. All you need to do is fill this form up with your OES Genuine ignition wire holder order and submit accurate shipping information. We'll guarantee that your part will be right at your preferred address' doorsteps at the agreed time and date.