OES Genuine Ignition Lock Housing & Accessories

Why replace the entire assembly when you can get a direct substitute for the erratic case via the OES Genuine ignition lock housing? This after-sales part is top quality in a price that won't hurt your maintenance budget. It is designed to restore the functions of the original equipment and thus, of the entire ignition system. The OES Genuine ignition lock housing is also intended for performance purposes so as to improve the ignition control response whenever the key is turned to the ON, START, ELECTRICAL DEVICES, and/or LOCK position. More importantly, you can rest assured that the highly critical sensor/control unit of your ignition system is secured in place and protected against imperiling elements, which eventually take their toll to this device and to the assembly. And since this case matches that of the original key, getting a new key is no longer necessary.

The importance of immediately getting the OES Genuine ignition lock housing in place of the failing original equipment of the vehicle is the consequence of its being part of the ignition system. This is the system that allows a driver to start the engine and control the vehicle. It has a cylinder, which allows a matching key to be turned into positions that will turn the ignition on, use its electrical components while the engine is not running, start the engine, or lock the steering and/or the ignition. In modern automobiles where this assembly is controlled by an engine computer, these functions are regulated by a sensor. This and the cylinder are both protected by a case. This very housing matches the ignition key. When it's damaged, consequently, the sensor is at stake and the functions of the assembly are at risk.

Over time, this structural part of the ignition system will become bad due to abuse and/or imperiling conditions it is subjected to. The only way to restore its function is to get a direct replacement. The right choice of alternative for this housing, which is interchangeably known as the lock cylinder case or ignition switch case, should be made from top quality materials but uses the specifics of the standard part. This is what the OES Genuine ignition lock housing is made of, making it the best choice. The manufacturer ensures that every auto make and model will have the perfect replacement when it comes to this case.

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