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Even if it's not a herculean task, re-attaching a wheel hub without an OES Genuine hub mounting bolt at the side of the road can be pretty stressful and downright impossible. And in case you did manage put back the wheel cover, there's no guarantee that this won't happen again. So to avoid such wheel blunder especially when you're driving, you'd better make sure your wheels are in excellent working condition, and you can only do so with proper maintenance work. Now, if the wheel hub dislodges from your wheel, then don't let this minor problem slip away again and get a new hub mounting bolt right this instant.

The two most important factors you must look at while buying an OES Genuine hub mounting bolt are fit and quality. For smooth and easy installation, you must pick a hub mounting bolt that precisely matches the existing hole in your wheel hub. And when it comes down to quality, never settle with the first stock bolt you see on the shelf or online. As you know, bulks of mounting bolts sold nowadays are mostly defective, so be wise and choose a hub mounting bolt that's crafted from first-rate materials. You can never go wrong with an OES Genuine hub mounting bolt for it has extra strength and reliability features, providing excellent service to your vehicle.

The good news is you don't have to go an extra mile on installing a new OES Genuine hub mounting bolt on your wheels. In fact, this DIY work wouldn't take much of your precious time that you can finish it a little under an hour, at the most. And the best part in doing this DIY job is you've got to save hundreds of dollars from expensive car repair. Though you've performed a couple of car repair and maintenance work in the past, it's still recommended that you consult your car manual for additional car DIY tips. Following the instructions on your trusty handbook will definitely help you put back your wheel hub properly on your wheel without experiencing any trouble at all.

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