OES Genuine Igniter & Accessories

With an OES Genuine igniter installed in your ride, you are guaranteed with efficient ignition even in cold mornings. For the ignition system to work well, the primary current flowing to the ignition coil needs to be interrupted accurately, depending on the IGT or the ignition signal coming from the engine ECU. As the IGT switches on, the igniter will then allow the primary current to flow. And as soon as the primary current arrives at a given value and the system confirms that the quantity of power required has already flowed, the igniter will now regulate the current by controlling the highest possible amperage.

Without a well-functioning igniter like the OES Genuine igniter, the engine ECU will not be able to receive correct ignition confirmation signal. This can lead to problems like hot start hesitation or no start at all. Aside from the ignition system, another part of your ride that makes use of an igniter is the headlight. There are light ballasts that come with built-in igniter, which supplies the HID bulb with a transitory high voltage until an arc is formed inside the bulb. There are light assemblies with non-integrated igniter but it doesn't have a major difference with the integrated unit.

The good news is, whether you need an igniter for your headlights or for the ignition, there sure is an OES Genuine igniter for you. But why choose one from OES Genuine if there are lots of igniter choices out there from various manufacturers? The first reason is, OES Genuine products are made to match the exact specs of your stock so it will perfectly fit in its place without the need for modifications and adjustments. Second, the company makes sure that all automotive products wearing OES Genuine badge are made from top-quality materials and using the latest manufacturing equipment and processes to ensure you of high-quality products. Third, because it is a direct-fit replacement, the OES Genuine igniter can be installed even by an average do-it-yourselfer without the assistance of a licensed mechanic. Just make sure you have the right tools and a detailed installation guide which will help keep you on the right track. Also, the said igniter conforms well with your ride's overall set-up and with other factory-installed parts. Meaning, it will perfectly work in your ride without you worrying about incompatibility and mismatch.

Since it is very important that all the components of your ignition system works in harmony to achieve the system's main task, you should make it a point that all the replacement parts you'll provide your ride with are from OES Genuine. You can find them here at Parts Train. This online store has been providing the industry with lots of quality automotive solutions at reasonable prices. In fact, all the OES Genuine igniter choices offered here are covered by our Low Price Guarantee and low shipping rates even for delivery upgrades. At Parts Train, you can shop at any time convenient to you because we are open to serve you 24/7.