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Once you start experiencing erratic engine idling, you'll need to check on your parts like the idle valve and hose and replace them with an OES Genuine Idle Valve Hose should they be damaged beyond repair. Problems with a car's idle speed can result in your idle surging unexpectedly or even constant stalling. Inspecting your vehicle's valves and hoses will allow you to quickly diagnose the problem so that you can replace a problematic part immediately in order to get your vehicle running normally again. One thing that you should look at would be the vacuum hoses as they can crack and tear over time due to the intense heat in the car's engine compartment.

A leak on your car's idle valve hose will cause it to idle higher or lower that you may not even be able to control it properly at all. Even with proper and frequent maintenance, these hoses will be subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure that they're bound to wear out in time. Once you encounter idling problems, do a quick inspection of your idle valve hose and see if its surface is starting to wear away or appears cracked in places. Replacing this hose is easy with the proper tools and the right aftermarket parts like the OES Genuine Idle Valve Hose. But be warned, if you're not familiar with handling such parts and taking them out from under your car's hood, please consult a trustworthy mechanic instead.

Removing your idle valve hose is as simple as loosening the hose clamp holding it in place, taking out your old hose, and putting in your new OES Genuine Idle Valve Hose. It may sound simple on paper, but you need to know which hose is which under your car's hood and make sure that you have the right tools to finish the job. Check with your car's manual to see if there are instructions on how to access this hose. If not, just do a quick search on the internet for a helpful video or website. Of course, when in doubt, you can always pay a visit to your local car repair shop and see if they can help you out with this item.

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