OES Genuine Idle Control Valve Hose & Accessories

The best way for your vehicle to enjoy its idle time is to equip it with an OES Genuine idle control valve hose. Now don't we all love some idle time for ourselves? Well, your car needs some of it too, especially when you're in a long line of traffic or if you need to pick something up from the drugstore real quick. A lot of drivers do this and one research even shows that the average car owner lets the car run on idle mode for about five to 10 minutes daily. Drive-through restaurants, convenience stores, parking lots... these are the places where you'll most likely encounter some idle time for your car. Some say it saves on fuel and energy. But winter is probably the best time to let your vehicle run on idle for a few moments, say 30 seconds to three minutes. The idle time is required during cold starts in order to warm up the engine and let the internal combustion reach optimal operating condition before firing down the road.

But what exactly is an idle control valve and where does your OES Genuine idle control valve hose fit in the picture? This valve is actually powered by a solenoid and allows more air to pass through the throttle plate at idle time. Basically, the gush of air that bypasses the closed throttle plate causes the vehicle to idle. Through an efficient OES Genuine idle control valve hose, the system would be able to function more effectively, especially since the air would be able to travel through the hose easily. But the idle speed is not determined by these components. Rather, the speed during idle time is adjusted to a precise level by the engine computer. The valves then work their way around the information the computer gives and operates according to the required revolutions per minute.

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