OES Genuine Idle Control Valve & Accessories

When you're having problems starting your engine or keeping it running while driving, you probably never thought of checking your OES Genuine idle control valve. You might be too concerned with your fuel delivery system parts and ignition system parts because they are usually the cause of your engine problems. Well, we can't blame you for that. But from time to time, you probably should let your mechanic check your car's idle control valve. When you have been driving your car for a good number of moons, this part of your air intake system might need a replacement.

The OES Genuine idle control valve, located near the throttle body, is essential to the proper intake of air needed by the engine. The idle control valve is an electronically-controlled motor shaped like a bullet. Found on the end of this component near the throttle body is a hole that opens and closes upon the command of the car's ECU. It monitors the amount of air needed to maintain the engine idle RPM speed which is necessary to keep your car running smoothly. That's why when the idle control valve gets damaged or completely bogs down because of carbon buildup, the engine will definitely have trouble idling because of lack of air.

You see, components closer to the engine, like your OES Genuine idle control valve, are made from tough materials in order to withstand the extreme temperature being emitted by the engine during combustion. But haven't you heard of this line: No matter how tough the car part is, there will come a time that you'll need to replace it? That sure is a bummer, but you can do something to delay replacement. Having your car's idle control valve checked and maintained will lengthen its service life. But if you haven't been paying your professional a visit, chances are, it's not only the idle control valve that's causing the ruckus in and around your engine. You probably got other air intake system parts like the mass air flow meter, the mass air flow meter boot, the throttle, and intake manifold contributing to the problem. And of course, the parts of other vital systems like the fuel deliver system and the ignition system might be wearing out too causing your engine to choke, misfire, and idle roughly. So drop by your reliable auto-technician's garage. If he tells you that you need new auto parts, just look for our shop on the web.

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