OES Genuine Idle Cable Stop & Accessories

Poor idling or even intermittent acceleration may be caused by a faulty idle speed switch which you must replace immediately with an OES Genuine Idle Speed Contact Sw in order to get back complete control of your car. Problems with this component are hard to diagnose since they often only appear once the engine has already warmed up while you're driving. If left unchecked, it can lead to a lot of problems and may even permanently damage some engine parts and components. For most car owners, a trip to a trusted mechanic or auto repair shop will be the quick and easy solution to this problem.

Your idle speed contact switch is responsible for sending an electronic signal to your vehicle's idle control module or idle control unit when the gas pedal is on rest position. Problems with this item like faulty wiring or simple wear and tear can lead to a surging idle, engine misfire, and various other problems that can be hard to diagnose and trace back to a faulty contact switch. If you are familiar with this item or would know how to access and examine it for damage, then by all means, do so. Otherwise, you'll need to have a professional check it with a multimeter to see if it's working or not. In any case, remember to replace it ASAP with an OES Genuine Idle Speed Contact Sw.

It's easy enough to remove and replace the idle speed contact switch since all you'll need to do is unplug it and install a new one like the OES Genuine Idle Speed Contact Sw. The hard part is accessing this component since it is buried deep inside your car. Check with your car's manual to learn how to access this item or better yet, log on to the internet and do a quick search on your car and how to replace this particular item. Before working on your vehicle, do remember to unplug your car battery just to be on the safe side and avoid accidental electrocution. It will also be a good idea to move your car seats to give you more elbow room to work with. You can install this part on your own but when in doubt, never hesitate to ask a mechanic for help.

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