OES Genuine Hydraulic Hose Kit & Accessories

When you start to notice that your hydraulic hose is beginning to fray and wear out, you should replace it with an OES Genuine Hydraulic Hose Kit before it springs a leak. The hydraulic hoses inside your vehicle are responsible for distributing oil and other hydraulic fluids to other parts and components. Should these wear out, you risk losing precious hydraulic fluids which need to be at adequate levels to maintain optimal vehicle performance. Depending on their use and the type of fluid that they carry, these hydraulic hoses are subject to high pressure and even extreme temperatures that will eventually wear them out. Preventive maintenance is key in avoiding hydraulic hose problems so it's better to inspect them frequently and have them changed before they turn into a bigger problem in the future.

If you have a complete set of tools at home and have the necessary automotive knowledge to replace a hydraulic hose on your own, then do so by all means to save money on mechanic's fees. Start by inspecting your hoses and identifying the ones that need to be replaced for any signs of visible damage like holes or cuts that are deep enough to reach the steel braid inside these parts. Check with your car's manual on how you can relieve the pressure from the hydraulic hose so that you can safely remove them from your vehicle. After that, you may loosen the hose's fitting with a wrench or any appropriate tool and replace it with a brand new OES Genuine Hydraulic Hose Kit. It may sound simple on paper, but you should only attempt to replace this part on your own if you're sure that you have the necessary knowledge and experience to do so.

Because of the high pressure fluid flowing through these hoses, the average car owner may want to consult with an auto repair shop instead to have the hose replaced for a minimal fee. Never attempt to remove these hoses if you're not familiar with the system. If you are not able to relieve the pressure inside these hoses, any fluid that may leak out of a seal or crack will be under high pressure that can injure you. Whichever option you'll choose, remember to replace that defective hose of yours with a compatible OES Genuine Hydraulic Hose Kit for a tight installation and leak free performance.

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