OES Genuine Horn Relay & Accessories

A dead horn can be a sign that you'll need to replace a worn out relay with a brand new one like the OES Genuine Horn Relay. You might experience a horn that won't seem to work no matter how many times you press on it or even one that won't stop honking at all. Inspecting your horn relay is a simple thing that you can do and if you notice that it's already worn out, then just remove it and install a new one. What you'll need to know is where to look for your horn relay and how to replace it correctly and easily. Having a broken relay can be irritating since you won't have complete control over your horn at all.

Your car's horn relay is actually an electromechanical switch that allows you to operate your vehicle's horn at a push of a button. The relay acts as a switch that allows a small amount of electric current to flow into the horn whenever you use it. This is effective and safe at the same time since the switch allows the current to work and travel far away from the driver. Like all electromechanical items, your horn relay will deteriorate over time and would need to be replaced. Just make sure that you use a tough and durable aftermarket item like the OES Genuine Horn Relay.

Remember to remove the cables from your car's batteries just to be safe before working on this item. To replace this part, you'll need to consult your vehicle's manual to locate the horn relay. Car manuals will have it listed under the section for fuse boxes below the steering column where there would be a diagram of the fuses and relays. Once you've located it on your manual, proceed by opening the fuse box and remove the appropriate relay. You don't need any special tools since the relay is like a plug and play device where you just pull out your old one and simply push in a replacement. You just need to be careful not to disturb the other relays in this box and that you remove the correct one and install an appropriate replacement part. No need to worry about the OES Genuine Horn Relay as they are a perfect fit for compatible vehicle makes and models.

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