OES Genuine Horn Contact Ring & Accessories

If you are having problems with your car's horn, then it might be time to take out your horn contact ring and replace it with a brand new OES Genuine Horn Contact Ring. When your horn works intermittently or would only work when you turn your wheel, you might have a problem with your vehicle's horn contact ring. You will need to take your steering wheel off and inspect the items inside for anything loose or broken. Debris and rust inside this component can affect your horn and interfere with the electrical current needed to power the device. You shouldn't ignore a broken horn or horn contact ring since you'll need it to signal other drivers and people when you're passing by or in case of an emergency.

Like any mechanical part, your car's horn contact ring will degrade over time. It can be hard to inspect this part since it is hidden from view. There are also numerous causes for experiencing horn problems such as faulty wiring or simply a broken horn. It is possible for you to check your wiring and horn to rule out any damage in these parts, but it wouldn't hurt to learn how to access the horn contact ring so that you can inspect this yourself and replace it if you need to. Doing this on your own will save you time and money compared to heading to a car repair shop and paying a hefty service fee. Just remember to use a quality replacement part like the OES Genuine Horn Contact Ring to make sure that it will last a very long time.

Accessing your car's horn contact ring for inspecting internal parts may vary from car to car but it generally involves removing your horn pad in order to access the components underneath. Consult with your vehicle's manual for the proper way of removing this item and other components to reach your horn contact ring. If it isn't included in your manual, then you could do a quick search online for a video clip or website that can guide you through it step by step. Once you've gotten inside, you should just unscrew a couple of parts to get to the horn contact ring and take it out. Just clean the surfaces inside with a rag and install your new OES Genuine Horn Contact Ring and put everything back in.

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