OES Genuine Hood Strut Ball Pin & Accessories

When fixing your hood strut, make sure that you only install high quality items like a compatible OES Genuine Hood Strut Ball Pin to ensure a perfect fit and long service life. Accessing under-the-hood components such as your car's engine and radiator is easy as long as your hood strut is working perfectly. So when you encounter problems with this item, you're sure to have great difficulty working on your engine and other related parts simply because you'll have a hard time with your vehicle's hood. The hood strut is a simple item and you can easily replace its components like the hood strut ball pin with aftermarket parts or just replace the entire strut with a new one instead.

Your car's hood strut is a relatively simple mechanism that holds your hood in place. It's usually designed as a piston assembly that can help you open a heavy hood and secure it in position or as a strut to lock it there as well. Regardless, without a perfectly functioning hood strut, it will be impossible to work on the engine or do emergency repairs unless someone is holding the hood for you. Inspect your hood strut once in a while and check for any signs of corrosion, damage, or bent parts. Struts that have a piston mechanism may develop leaks so you should look out for these as well. The strut ball pin may also come loose or get bent so make sure you get that changed as well with an OES Genuine Hood Strut Ball Pin.

There's no need to visit a mechanic when replacing these parts as you can install them quickly at your own home. Most of the parts in your car's hood strut are easy to remove and replace and will require very simple tools. Your OES Genuine Hood Strut Ball Pin can simply be screwed into place after removing the old ball pin that you should be done in just minutes. If you need to replace the entire hood strut assembly, you'll need a helping hand to hold the hood for quite awhile while you remove the old mechanism and install the new one. Other than that, assembly is pretty much straight forward and all you'll need to make sure of is that you get the best replacement parts at bargain deals from a reliable car parts store.

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