OES Genuine Hood Stop Buffer & Accessories

If you want to open your hood for the best possible access to the rear portion of your engine compartment but don't want to damage your windshield, then you can certainly use an OES Genuine Hood Stop Buffer. You basically install a couple or more hood stop buffers onto the hood so that they will be the ones coming into contact with your windshield or the metal frame of your vehicle. In case your ride already came with hood stop buffers but one or more got damaged or went missing, OES Genuine replacements are also excellent options.

It shouldn't be all that difficult to mount each OES Genuine Hood Stop Buffer. After all, these add-ons are made to match any existing buffer slots on your vehicle. If there are none, it's only a matter of getting some minor drilling done to accommodate your new buffers. Just make a small hole in the sheet metal hood, enough to allow the bottoms of the buffers to fit. When the hood bumpers are all in place, you can rest your hood upon the windshield without having to worry about breaking it or putting unsightly scratches on it. This way, you can easily work on the deepest parts of your engine compartment because you'll have easy access to those areas. No more need to tinker around without knowing what you're already hitting, and this will save you a load of time and effort.

OES Genuine is a brand trusted by many in the industry, thanks to a wide range of high-quality products made at top-of-the-line production facilities. That's why you can count on your OES Genuine Hood Stop Buffer to last for a considerable amount of time. It's surely going to match or even exceed the quality of stock hood bumpers on production vehicles. So, even if the hood stop buffers are constantly subjected to extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions on the road, you won't have to think about getting replacements anytime soon.

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