OES Genuine Hood Rod Grommet & Accessories

If you're already starting to have problems with your hood rod grommet, you'll need to replace that quick with an aftermarket OES Genuine Hood Rod Grommet. Working on your car's engine is easy as long as your vehicle's hood is safely held in place. But when the mechanism holding it up is beginning to fail, you might get into an unexpected accident soon. The hood rod grommet is a small part that's connected with your hood rod that keeps it in place whenever you're doing work on the engine and other components under your vehicle's hood. It seldom gets broken, but when it does, you will need to replace it ASAP or you won't be able to work safely on any of the under-the-hood components in your car.

Your vehicle's hood rod grommet is usually made of strong synthetic material that supports the hood rod by locking it in place whenever you prop up your car's hood and whenever you set it aside when the hood's down. You won't want your hood rod swinging wildly under your hood while driving nor would you want to hold up the hood on your own whenever you're working on something under it. That's why it's important that you replace this item once it's already loose and beyond repair. It's easy enough to remove and installing a brand new OES Genuine Hood Rod Grommet is quick and simple enough that anyone can do it at their own home or garage.

When installing a replacement hood rod grommet, you might need a helping hand to hold the hood in place while you fit the part. For most cars, all you'll need to do is unscrew the old grommet and screw in your new one. It may vary from vehicle to vehicle but it shouldn't be too complicated that you'd need to go to a mechanic to replace this item. You just have to make sure that you replace it with a compatible OES Genuine Hood Rod Grommet so that it's tough and durable. Because of the way it's constructed, you can rely on this part whenever you're opening or closing your car's hood. When you're looking for a replacement part like this, always go to trusted source like Parts Train.

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