OES Genuine Hood Release Strap & Accessories

The hood is the only access to your car's engine bay, so you can't allow it to remain stuck in the closed position just because of a simple strap problem-restore access to your engine compartment by getting an OES Genuine hood release strap. This strap works hand in hand with other supporting hood components like the hood release cable and latch in order to keep hood opening and closing easy. Such operations are important when you need access to certain parts under the hood-when doing oil checks, when inspecting parts to diagnose problems, or when undertaking replacement jobs. Therefore, you must keep all hood parts in top operating condition. Pay particular attention to the release strap because this is susceptible to damage.

What is this strap and what is its function? How important is it to the operation of the hood? When you look at the OES Genuine hood release strap, you will find it as a simple T-shaped device that is attached to the hood release. The release mechanism is connected to the handle that you will find inside your vehicle, the handle that you actuate so that you can open the hood. When you pull on that handle, the strap should stick out from the grille area. You simply pull that strap to unlatch the hood from its main supporting component and to finally open it. Simple as this function may be, the effect can be headache-inducing one this is compromised because of strap damage.

Damage on the strap does not happen frequently-the part is generally tough. However, improper pulling and excessive force applied on the strap can break it. Some drivers have the habit of lifting the hood up by the strap, a practice that can eventually damage the part because of the excessive weight of the hood that it has to handle. It is therefore important that you practice proper care in the use of the strap in your vehicle. Pull gently when opening the hood, and inspect the part regularly for any sign of cracks or breakage. Of course, it will help if you get one that is stronger, not susceptible to damage. This is where you can trust an OES Genuine hood release strap. It is made from durable materials that can withstand excessive forces.

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