OES Genuine Hood Lock Assembly & Accessories

Perplexed by your car brake problem, specifically your malfunctioning OES Genuine hillholder assembly, you instantly called your trusty mechanic for consultation. After repair, everything turned out pretty well-until after a few months, your brakes broke down again. And just like before, the problem is caused by your damaged hillholder. If this continues, it will not only cost you hundreds of dollars but it can severely impair the over-all performance of your vehicle. More than anything else, this brake issue will likely put your life in danger. Mind you that car safety begins at properly working auto components, so don't waste a single minute and replace your worn stock right this instant.

Before you fix the kinks in your car, you must first understand how your OES Genuine hillholder assembly works. If your the kind of driver who has not yet mastered the art of manual shifting, this brake part is definitely a life-saver. Initially known as a hill-hold control, this component plays a very critical role in holding the brake in proper position the moment you release the brake pedal and fully depressed the clutch pedal; this way you can shift the clutch to first gear while depressing the fuel pedal until the car reaches the point where it completely moves forward. This OES Genuine hillholder assembly is very helpful especially when you're driving by steep hills or uneven terrains, giving you assurance that your vehicle won't roll back, which is the one of the primary causes of road accidents and car collisions.

However, your OES Genuine hillholder assembly tends to wear out fast because of everyday use and exposure to heat and friction. You can tell if something wrong's with your hillholder when you find controlling your gears a bit challenging. This is why it's your responsibility as a car owner to keep this reliable component in tiptop condition by conducting regular check-up. There are several hillholder assemblies available in the market today, so you won't have a hard time picking the right replacement for your vehicle. With your car manual on your one hand and a tool box on the other, you can actually perform and finish this DIY job yourself.

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