OES Genuine Heater Valve & Accessories

A flick of a switch is all it takes to keep the cabin all warmed up, that is if the heater valve that's connected to the dial, slide, or lever on your dashboard is working right-if not, then an OES Genuine heater valve should take its place. So come winter, you won't have to freeze your bum because of the biting cold. The heater valve controls how much heat will be circulated inside the car. It may be operated via a manual cable, an engine vacuum, or a thermostat type of system. The valve comes in different types but operates the same way. In closed position, it prevents hot coolant from being streamed to the heater core; when open, heated coolant is diverted to the heater core, which transfers heat that is blown through the fan into the cabin.

If you turn the heater to full blast but it feels like you're not getting enough warmth inside the car, you've got to check the valve body for leaks. The leaking heater valve should be replaced with a compatible unit. Oftentimes, replacement entails draining the cooling system and removing several coolant hoses and cables from the heater valve. After the new valve is fitted and secured into place, this is followed by reassembling components that were disconnected from the old valve. The cooling system that was drained should then be filled with fresh coolant. To ensure proper installation, follow the diagnostic chart of your repair manual to the tee. Use an OES Genuine heater valve that highly resists wear and works just as well as the stock part. This way, you won't have to worry about those nasty surprises a run-of-the-mill replacement unit may pull out on you.

You won't be short-changed when you pick a part from the OES Genuine roster. That's a guarantee, as it makes sure that every part that's dispatched from its warehouse goes through stringent product testing. With long years of experience in manufacturing parts and accessories that belong to a wide range of product categories, OES Genuine brings to the table premium quality, earning the patronage of many DIYers and auto enthusiasts who are in the market for the most reliable repair solutions. Its OES Genuine heater valve is specially designed to meet the requirements of a specific vehicle and the needs of customers. Made of high-quality materials, it's bound to last and work as promised.

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