OES Genuine Heater Core O-Ring Kit & Accessories

To make sure your heater core won't spill coolant all over, you need to make use of this topnotch OES Genuine Heater Core O-Ring Kit to replace the blown O-rings on your vehicle. You'll know that there's a blown O-ring if you notice that your ride's carpets are wet around the area beneath your dashboard even though your AC drains aren't blocked. You'll also notice that the coolant level on your vehicle is going down even without leaks in other areas. The best solution to fix this problem is to replace the affected O-ring as soon as you can so that coolant won't leak into your passenger compartment anymore.

Heater core O-rings are located right at the end of your heater hoses, at the point where they go into the heater core itself. They're usually located around the driver's side area, which is why you'll notice the wet carpet first if you're driving. Once you've pinpointed the O-rings as the cause of the problem, don't panic. You can always get an OES Genuine Heater Core O-Ring Kit to remedy the situation. Once your new O-rings are in place, you won't have to deal with a wet carpet and your ride won't be bleeding coolant anymore. Note that you might need to have a bunch of tools ready for the replacement operation because you'll be needing access to the O-rings before you can replace them, and this can involve taking out a number of components.

Every OES Genuine Heater Core O-Ring Kit is guaranteed to provide long-lasting service. That's because the O-rings are made from strong materials for total durability, and you can count on OES Genuine to produce precision-made parts at all times. After all, it's been in the business for quite some time now, and the company makes use of top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment to ensure that parts roll out with the highest level of quality and reliability. What's more, each O-ring is backed by the brand's 12-month or 12,000 mile warranty so you're protected against sudden failure or defects. This gives you more value along with some much-needed security for your investment.

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