OES Genuine Heater Core O-Ring & Accessories

Chilling out, literally speaking, is not comfortable in any way inside your ride while driving; that's why during the cold, you probably want to have an OES Genuine heater core o-ring working at the top of its game. Why? Well, the heater core is composed of parts that help generate heat, and the o-ring is one indispensable component that it needs so that it can function perfectly. So if your car is equipped with an unreliable heater core o-ring, you probably should not drive your car at all during the winter because the heater core might just break down.

You see, the heater core's design is like that of the radiator. It has tubes, fins, and hoses that transfer some of the heat of the engine to be able to generate heat inside your vehicle's cabin. The process goes like this: the liquid coming from the motor runs through those tubes and fins in the heater core to get some of the engine's heat. Then the air that is passing around or over the heater core gets the heat and directs it to the cabin. Simple enough right? But the hard part is, replacing the OES Genuine heater core o-ring or other parts of the heater core.

Maintaining the heater core can really be a pain in the neck. Why? Because the heater core is usually found under the dash of the auto, which is actually very hard to reach. You have to dismantle several parts of the dash first before gaining access to the heater core. So even if the OES Genuine heater core o-ring is inexpensive, installing it might be. Still, if you don't want to freeze to death inside your ride, you better have your heater core o-ring replaced right away. And the best to purchase a high-performance heater core would be Parts Train.

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