OES Genuine Heater Core Coupling & Accessories

An OES Genuine Heater Core Coupling will definitely serve you well in case you need new fittings through which you could insert your heater hoses. This heater core coupling is also excellent if you're looking to replace the old heater cables on your vehicle. Either way, you can rest assured you're getting a top-quality component for your ride's heating system.

OES Genuine happens to be a company trusted by car owners and enthusiasts, mainly because of the company's proven track record over time. Just check out the brand's extensive product line! It produces parts from mounting hardware to brake discs to control arms. You don't get to have such a wide range of products unless you know a thing or two about quality. That's why you can expect your new OES Genuine Heater Core Coupling to function for a very long time. Each one is designed by highly-experienced engineers and they are all made using top-flight equipment over at the OES Genuine facilities. On top of that, every single part has to pass some real-world tests to ensure that they will be able to withstand the harsh conditions under the hood of vehicles. Lastly, there are quality tests to see if there are any defects. Every item needs to be manufactured with the highest degree of precision because these are parts that have OE-style fit and form. That's for easy installation and great compatibility with no need for any modifications. You can rest assured that each OES Genuine product will make your installation task easier because you just install them in place of the damaged or faulty part.

When installing your new OES Genuine Heater Core Coupling, you might need to apply some coolant into it so that the heater hose can be inserted without much effort. Just push the hose into the coupling. To prevent any problems, make sure you've got the right size of coupling that can accommodate the heater hose your vehicle uses. Don't worry about the coupling itself because it's backed by a warranty from OES Genuine itself. It's good for 12,000 miles on the odometer or 12 months on the calendar, whichever one comes first. That's ample protection against defects, damage, and sudden failure and serves as security for your investment.

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