OES Genuine Heater Bypass Valve & Accessories

When you're thinking of replacing your vehicle's faulty heater core bypass valve, you need an excellent replacement option that will provide you with the kind of service that you need-and that is where this OES Genuine Heater Bypass Valve comes in. It's a no-nonsense solution for your heater bypass woes so you won't have to manually disconnect the coolant hoses going into the heater whenever you need to drive during hot days.

The heater bypass valve is basically a valve that cuts the flow of coolant into your ride's heater core when your own heater has been turned off. If this valve is busted, you'll need a replacement installed or else you'll be feeling quite the heat wave in your ride come summer. When it comes to replacements, you won't go wrong by choosing this OES Genuine Heater Bypass Valve. It's got original equipment dimensions and form so you won't have such a hard time when it comes to installation. The OE-style fit lets you just put it in place of the affected valve and voila! You're heating system is good to go once again, only this time it's got a working bypass valve so the heater won't kick in unless it's needed.

Aside from that, each OES Genuine Heater Bypass Valve is made from sturdy materials that will guarantee long-lasting performance. With this OES Genuine product, you'll never need to buy a new bypass valve anytime soon. This is because the company employs top-of-the-line equipment along with knowledgable personnel so that every item will work well and last long. Every item is made from the toughest materials around to ensure the highest degree of durability, and then they're put through a number of different tests and are subjected to thorough quality checks. With that kind of attention to detail, you always get the best possible quality out of replacement components.

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