OES Genuine Headlight Switch & Accessories

Replacing your headlight switch that has gone bad with the durable OES Genuine headlight switch will ensure your safety on the road on a long term basis. The importance of doing this can be attributed to the need for fully functional headlights when driving at night or under inclement weather conditions. Having a reliable headlight switch, like the technology that every OES Genuine product offers, will give you the chance to actuate the primary lighting equipment of your automobile whenever the need arises. Not only that, it will also enhance the overall appearance of your instrument panel. So if your old switch starts to malfunction, take immediate action by getting a replacement. That way, the overall look and functionality of the vehicle will be improved.

Every OES Genuine headlight switch is crafted for DIY application, which allows every fleet manager or auto owner like you administer the replacement and save money. The task simply entails disconnecting the negative cable of the battery and discharging the air bags by giving the capacitors 5 to 10 minutes after disconnection. The old factory switch of your headlight is generally located on the dash or at the sides of your steering column and is secured by a retaining ring or a set of mounting screws. Underneath, it is protected by a case that has two or more release buttons and connected to the power source by a connector. Pressing these tabs with a screwdriver and disconnecting the wires will free the switch. But in some designs wherein a nut is used to hold the switch shaft bottom, the nut should be removed to disengage the switch

Once the old switch is gone, what remains is the easier part of the installation task and that is getting the new OES Genuine headlight switch in place. This is a lot easier if the acquired replacement from the brand is the exact match of the original part because all you need to do is slide it into its case or its shaft nut. Now, connect the new switch to its electrical connector with the same caution as when removing the old part so as not to damage the contacts and push it back in place. You can choose to use the same decorative bezel, mounting ring, and screws or get new ones. Then, connect the negative battery cable and test the new part by turning both the low and high beams of the vehicle on.

The success in restoring the functions of a headlight switch lies in getting a high-quality replacement and correct installation of the new part. You are right in choosing the OES Genuine headlight switch and you're wise in getting it from Parts Train. Our site offers a comprehensive list of reasonably priced products from this brand. Simply browse our online catalog to find the exact auto part that you need. If you need assistance in placing that headlight switch order, just call us toll-free and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be glad to assist you. We also offer fast shipping directly to your preferred address, so you never have to come and pick your orders up!