OES Genuine Headlight Adjust Screw & Accessories

Keep your headlamp beams down low and make sure that they are properly aligned with this OES Genuine headlight adjust screw. Isn't it irritating when you see an oncoming vehicle at night with its headlamp rays beaming right in your face? This hurts your eye and this could even have you blinded momentarily and that moment of inability to see what's on the road ahead could get you into a nasty accident. Some car owners even have their headlamps equipped with High-Intensity Discharge or HID lighting that makes you feel like the supreme being above or an unidentified flying object is about to get you and your car. Scary isn't it?

Now imagine what an improperly-set headlamp could do to other oncoming drivers from the opposite lane. They could be suffering the same dilemma as you, right? In times like this, Confucius' golden rule applies best. So don't let others same that same irritating fate by being responsible enough to align your headlamps properly. You can do just that by having your car face the wall at around 10-15 feet and tinker with the headlight adjust screws. But what if after you've popped the hood open and start looking for them adjustment screws, you suddenly saw that the screws are screwed up? Man, you're screwed! Don't let those screwed up screws screw you over, for there are great replacements available like this OES Genuine headlight adjust screw to take the place of the broken ones installed in your vehicle.

This simple part brings back that power to adjust the headlamp assemblies once again, helping make your lights beam the right amount of light at the right direction for better visibility of what's ahead while showing courtesy to the other motorists driving in the dark of night with you. Be careful though not to buy them products that are dirt-cheap but, are downright flimsy. What your car deserves is a good replacement part, and an OES Genuine headlight adjust screw might just be the one that you have been looking for. Designed and engineered with your car in mind, this set of adjustment screws, helps you precisely align your vehicle's headlamps to make it emit the right illumination at the right places. This expands your field of vision and helps you effortlessly drive through the darkest of nights. This also stops your car from ‘blinding' other with a ray of light that's too high, making driving at night significantly safer.

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