OES Genuine Governor Seal & Accessories

Delay the installation of a new OES Genuine Governor Seal and the leak in your transmission system will get a lot worse. Since the governor isn't adequately sealed, transmission fluid will drench your system and create puddles on the ground wherever you go. If you don't replace the bad seal, you may lose significant amounts of tranny fluid, making your vehicle a lot harder and more dangerous to drive. To avoid more costly problems in your vehicle, confirm that the governor seal is leaking as soon as possible. You have to be really sure that it's the governor seal that leaks before you replace the part. Check if other related parts are also leaking fluid, such as the transfer case, and replace these as needed.

You probably have to get underneath the vehicle to access the broken governor seal. In some vehicles, it is possible to replace the seal without removing several components first. There are vehicles though that require the removal of the tranny because there's simply not enough clearance to work on the governor seal. If you have this problem, you may want to hire a pro mechanic to get the replacement done faster and correctly. It's best not to drive your vehicle until its bad seal is replaced with a new one. There have been cases of governor caps suddenly popping off vehicles due to poor seals. If that happens, you'll quickly lose huge amounts of transmission fluid and your car will be impossible to drive. Fortunately, you don't have to go through a sticky situation like this if you install an OES Genuine Governor Seal soon.

While there are many run-of-the-mill seals in the market today, none of these can be compared with a top-notch OES Genuine Governor Seal. This seal is extremely durable, so it will securely seal off your vehicle's governor and transmission system. It should last years as long as you install it correctly. Don't worry about installation though since this top-quality seal is practically the same as your old OE seal in terms of specifications. It also complies with all industry standards for drivers' safety and satisfaction. Before you go ahead with the setup, carefully review your vehicle's manual to ensure you know exactly how the new seal ought to be installed. It's probably best to ask one of your pals for help just to speed up the replacement process.

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