OES Genuine Governor Cap Gasket & Accessories

You have to install a new OES Genuine Governor Cap Gasket immediately before that leak in your tranny gets any worse. There are many possible causes of transmission leak and one of them is a bad governor cap gasket. This gasket could turn brittle or rot over time and no amount of sealant or silicone can get it to effectively seal again. Act quickly if you notice puddles of transmission fluid on your garage's floor. You may have to get under your vehicle and trace where exactly the leak comes from. A leak in the governor cap can be easily mistaken for a leak in the transfer case and other tranny components. Once you confirm that it's the gasket that leaks, replace it as soon as possible.

Some drivers are able to access the governor cap without much difficulty while others do encounter lots of problems when replacing the cap or gasket. Depending on your vehicle, you may have to remove the tranny first before you can install the new gasket. This is, of course, quite difficult, so consider hiring a professional mechanic if the replacement work seems too complicated for you. Since you're replacing the gasket, you may also want to replace the governor cap itself. A busted gasket and cap may not fit securely together, resulting in a leak that will only get worse over time. Some drivers have even experienced caps that suddenly pop off while they're driving on the road. To avoid problems like this, replace your busted gasket with a high-quality OES Genuine Governor Cap Gasket.

It's very risky to drive with transmission fluid leak, so never choose flimsy gaskets for your vehicle's tranny parts. To ensure you won't have the same problem for a long time, use an OES Genuine Governor Cap Gasket as replacement for your old, worn gasket. This top-notch gasket is made of an excellent material that's pliable enough for effective sealing and durable enough to last for years. Industry standards and OE specifications are observed during its design and manufacturing process, so it's virtually the same as its OE counterpart, perhaps even better due to its great construction. Review your vehicle's manual before setting up the new gasket to make sure you know exactly where it goes. You may apply a thin coat of silicone or sealant on the new gasket to increase its grip.

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