OES Genuine Glove Box Strap & Accessories

Don't worry if the strap in your glove box just snapped this morning because you can always replace it with an OES Genuine Glove Box Strap. Drivers typically store a lot of stuff in the glove box: documents, gadgets and, well, gloves among many others. For this reason, automobile manufacturers try to maximize the size of vehicles' glove boxes, so drivers can bring more stuff on the road. The problem is that even if the glove box has plenty of room, it can get easily filled up, especially when things are not neatly arranged or stacked in the box. To maximize space in the box, some manufacturers provide a glove box strap typically attached to the box's top portion. The strap usually holds the owner's manual and other important documents, such as the car's title, registration and insurance cards.

The glove box strap is usually made of a stretchable material, which could get rigid and snap over time. It's possible to lose the strap if you removed it while cleaning the glove box. There are also some drivers who buy vehicles with lost straps. Even all-new automobiles that come directly from the manufacturer could somehow come without these straps due to manufacturing error. Whatever's the reason for your lost strap, you don't have to worry about anything because you can install a new one in its place. To get the best results, use a high-quality OES Genuine Glove Box Strap as replacement for your old factory strap.

Some DIYers choose to make their own glove box straps once their old ones snap or go missing but this isn't a wise decision at all. Since you're using a different kind of strap, it might not hold as securely as a real glove box strap. There are even drivers who use really inappropriate straps such as bungee cords, which ruin the look of the glove box. If you plan to sell your vehicle in the future, never go for this option as your ride will surely lose some of its resale value. The best way to restore your glove box is to buy a brand-new, high-quality strap, such as the OES Genuine Glove Box Strap. This strap is made of very strong materials, so it should serve you for the rest of your vehicle's service life. It's practically the same as its OE counterpart, making installation a real breeze. Refer to your vehicle's manual before proceeding with the installation just to make sure you're correctly setting up the strap.

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