OES Genuine Gear Shift Repair Kit & Accessories

So you need an OES Genuine gear shift repair kit huh? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have just the helping hand for your gear shift repair job. There's a famous story around here about this guy who once suffered a busted gear shift. Apparently, he stared at it for a while, and when he grew tired of doing that, he finally decided to give us a call. Long story short, his prayers were answered, and he was able to fix his gear shift in no time. The point of the anecdote is that you don't have to waste a single minute staring at your repair. Once you've completed your diagnosis, go and get what you need! There's no point in prolonging something that's going to end the same way.

We urge that you do yourself a favor and have confidence in us and our products, because this OES Genuine gear shift repair kit is the real thing. It's high in quality, affordable, and complete. Only the price will seem incomplete! All you need to get the job done is right here in this package. Don't be fooled by these other gear shift repair kits that are priced way cheaper. Those don't have the same pieces. We guarantee it. There's no way anyone can price lower than us for the same quality and the same set of gear. It's simply not possible.

As a final point, there's something that we feel we have to clarify. It's a fact that not everyone will achieve the same results when trying to bring back that smooth shifting. You want to make your ride feel like new again, and here you have the complete tools in this OES Genuine gear shift repair kit. But do you have the necessary skills to complete this job? The telling difference lies there. A lot of young do-it-yourself enthusiasts get giddy and start buying parts, but then they don't know where to begin once they've got all they need. You can't blame us for half-baked results if this is the case with you. We expect that you know what you're doing if you're going to be working on your ride by yourself. You can't ever blame us or the product manufacturer if your skills are unsatisfactory. That's the unwritten part of our deal.

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