OES Genuine Fuel Tank Vent Valve & Accessories

Car pollution doesn't only originate from the exhaust; it can originate right from the fuel tank as well-keep the environment safe by using a top-of-the-line OES Genuine fuel tank vent valve in your vehicle. Whenever your car is parked, the fuel stored inside the fuel tank evaporates. The vapors accumulate inside the tank, and a charcoal canister collects them so that they can be burned in the engine once you crank and run your vehicle. Otherwise, if these are emitted into the environment in their vapor form, they can cause harm because they are very toxic. Once it is time to send the vapors to the engine, it is the vent valve that directs them towards where they need to go.

However, although the OES Genuine fuel tank vent valve is primarily designed for venting fuel vapors into the combustion system, it performs many other functions. Depending on the design, some valves also allow the tank to ‘breathe' properly by relieving excess pressure inside the container. Too much pressure inside the tank can be dangerous, so the valve offers some degree of protection by keeping pressure at the correct level. This is done by keeping the valve open to allow air to flow in and out. However, the valve is also designed to close whenever the level of fuel inside the tank rises. This is important in keeping the fuel intact and in preventing possible fuel spills. In your search for a new OES Genuine fuel tank vent valve, check its features to determine whether it has all those that have been mentioned here.

Once you find a new valve from OES Genuine, see to it that you look into its specifications. These should match the dimensions of your original valve to ensure good fit, compatibility, and reliable function. The OES Genuine fuel tank vent valve is a good replacement because it is made with OE characteristics, almost similar to stock components. So, once you mount this valve in place, it will give you a like-new performance that you will surely love. Just be sure that you mount it properly. The overall process is fairly easy, achievable by any average DIYer with mechanical inclination and some basic knowledge in automotive repair.

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