OES Genuine Fuel Tank Cap & Accessories

If by some chance you misplaced your vehicle's fuel tank cap, then you should buy an OES Genuine fuel tank cap to replace it. The fuel tank cap is a threaded cap that fits the filler neck and acts as a stopper. In most modern vehicles, the absence of a fuel tank cap doesn't mean the fuel could spill out. This is because of a flapper valve that prevents backflow of fuel. However, without a fuel tank cap, some fumes can escape and you might be able to smell gasoline. Also, the vehicle system can detect this and flash the check engine light. Leaving it like this can mask other problems elsewhere in the vehicle should they arise. Dirt can also get into the filling neck and enter the fuel tank the next time you fill up. This could contaminate the fuel and potentially damage your vehicle's engine. That's why you should get a good quality cap such as the OES Genuine fuel tank cap in case it gets lost.

Getting parts that conform to OE standards is important. The tank cap threads must fit the filling neck exactly or fumes may escape and dirt may enter. The seal should be tight in order for the proper vent valves to be in place. The OES Genuine fuel tank cap fits the filling neck of your vehicle just like the stock cap that came when you bought your ride because of its excellent construction. It's made of durable materials so it won't crack or warp easily. It's quite affordable compared to the factory part so you'll get more value out of OES Genuine.

OES genuine manufactures parts and accessories for just about any make and model of vehicle today. Their wide range of products spans just about all the parts of your vehicle. This includes peripherals such as the OES Genuine fuel tank cap. They manufacture parts under contract from many major auto makers, so you can be sure that their production process and facilities are top-notch. OES stands for “Original Equipment Supplier”; this means that their products are made to match the maker's standards and specifications, guaranteeing exact fit and compatibility with your vehicle. With their more affordable products, you can save on money while still getting great quality.

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