OES Genuine Fuel Sender Gasket & Accessories

Fuel leaks are dangerous, and they can occur anywhere-the leak that you have in your fuel sender could be an indication that you already need a new OES Genuine fuel sender gasket. Leaks are common in systems that utilize fluid, such as the fuel system or the cooling assembly. Of the various kinds of leaks that can occur in your car, one of the most dangerous is fuel leak-it can pose serious threat on your life. Fuel leaks can develop at various points in the fuel assembly, and one of the most common is in the fuel sender. And, one of the usual causes of fuel sender leak is a damaged gasket.

The fuel sender is a device that works hand in hand with the fuel gauge on your dash. It is the sender which delivers the information that you see reflected on the gauge. You will find this component inside the fuel tank, composed of a float that goes up and then drops depending on the level of fuel that is inside the tank. The movement of the float corresponds to the readings that you get in your gauge, and this is important to keep you informed when it's already time for a fuel refill. If there's just one thing that you need to watch out for when it comes to the sender, it's the gasket-the part is prone to damage and is often a culprit behind fuel sender leaks. It's a good thing there is already a high-quality replacement gasket available today in the form of the OES Genuine fuel sender gasket.

There are certain indications that will tell you when your stock gasket has already gone kaput and is already in need of a replacement from OES Genuine. The first thing that you'll notice would be the smell of gasoline, an unpleasant odor that should immediately alert you to a problem. Most cars today have the sender mounted under the back seats, so gaining access during inspection is easy. When doing the inspection, look out for accumulation of fuel on the sender or around the perimeter of the gasket. If you find the gasket to be worn and failing, don't hesitate to get a new OES Genuine fuel sender gasket to replace it. Additionally, inspect the main sender unit for possibility of damage-it could be the culprit behind the problem. And, look for cracks and other irregularities that may suggest the need not just for a new gasket but as well as a new sender.

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