OES Genuine Fuel Level Sending Unit & Accessories

If your vehicle's fuel gauge seems to be report the wrong amount of fuel, have it and the sending unit checked immediately because you may have to purchase an OES Genuine fuel level sending unit. Knowing the correct amount of fuel in the tank is very important to prevent unfortunate events like running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. That's why the fuel pump, fuel gauge, and the fuel sending unit must be in good condition. The fuel sending unit is mechanically similar to the plunger in the toilet bowl flush system. A lever has a floater attached to one end while the other is connected to a resistor. The floater rises and falls along with the level of fuel and this makes the other end slide along the resistor, varying the level of electric resistance which is read as the fuel level on the gauge on the dashboard. If the sending unit is defective, your car's gauge will be displaying the wrong information, which can lead to wrong decisions that could get you stranded or send you walking a long way to the next gas station.

For accurate fuel level readings, having a good fuel level sending unit is necessary. This device must be properly calibrated and made with the specific vehicle model's fuel tank in mind. Using a sending unit intended for a different model of car can result in inaccurate readings because of the differences in fuel tank layout. Adherence to OE standards is very important in order to keep fuel level readings correct. This is where an OES Genuine fuel level sending unit shines. It's a replacement part that is made to the exact same specs as the original sending unit that was included when you bought your vehicle. You're sure to get the most accurate fuel readings possible and you won't have a problem installing it. Made from durable materials, this part will last for a long time, allowing you to save money on repair costs.

If you're looking for high-quality yet affordable replacement parts for your vehicle, then OES Genuine is the right brand for you. They're one of the most prolific makers of auto parts, with a large variety of products ranging from engine parts, steering parts, cabin accessories, and many more. The OES Genuine fuel level sending unit is just one of their many products that boast of high quality at a very low price.

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