OES Genuine Fuel Injector Seal & Accessories

If you've been smelling gasoline during your drive and you trace the smell to a fuel leak in the connection between the fuel injector and the fuel rail, it's probably high time that you get a new OES Genuine fuel injector seal. Leak is quite a common occurrence in the fuel system, and in many cases it is manageable as long as it is addressed earlier on. If not, a fuel leak can pose serious threat because this can lead to fire. The good thing is that the strong smell of fuel makes it easy to determine when there is a leak. And in the case of a leakage in the fuel injector seal, you might also experience performance problems like misfires. Such a small part, but damage on it can cause extensive trouble.

You can consider the OES Genuine fuel injector seal as a mere supporting component, but you must never underestimate its importance. As the fuel coming from the tank flows from the injectors and into the intake manifold, it is the seal which ensures that the connection will be tight and leak-free. The injector connects to the fuel rail, and the fuel rain attaches to the manifold - the seal keeps the attachment point airtight and watertight. Like all other rubber materials, the seal also deteriorates over time. But while that's something beyond your control, you can have added peace of mind if you get a seal that is higher in quality, one that won't get easily damaged.

The OES Genuine fuel injector seal is an ideal choice. Just see to it that you get one with the correct size for a good fit. Also, be careful when putting the seal in place. Any mistake can cause damage on the seal, and even the smallest tear can already allow a great quantity of fuel to leak out. Also, if you are replacing the seal, it might be a good time to inspect each injector to monitor its condition. Some drivers find a fuel leak recurring even after several seal replacements, only to discover in the end that it's actually the injector that's damaged. Don't make the same mistake to avoid hassles and waste of money.

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