OES Genuine Fuel Injector Holder & Accessories

Outfitting your ride with an OES Genuine fuel injector holder is the best way to keep your electronically controlled fuel injection system in tiptop shape. This modern fuel delivery system has been used in newer vehicles for quite some time now, replacing the manifold and carburetor which were employed on older vehicle makes and models. The electronic fuel injection system makes use of a fuel regulator, an injector, a cam or crankshaft sensor, and the right manifold pressure to send an exact amount of fuel to every injector head. It is in the injector head where fuel atomizes and goes into the cylinder head.

Because the fuel injector directly affects the operations of your engine, make sure your ride is provided with an OES Genuine fuel injector holder. As its name implies, it holds the injector in its proper place, thus preventing it from moving or getting dislodged during accidents or when the vehicle is passing through uneven terrains. With a well-maintained and properly working fuel injector, cold engine starting is improved and harmful emissions from your vehicle are reduced. You'll also notice a big improvement in your ride's fuel economy and overall performance. If you've got a damaged or an unreliable holder, it is more likely that the fuel injector will bump with other components and might develop leaks. Internal leaks in the injector can lead to a very rich mixture while external leaks can be considered fire hazards. No matter what type of leak your fuel injector has, you should have it solved at soonest possible time. If the problem is caused by a broken or malfunctioning holder, you better get an OES Genuine fuel injector holder now along with a new injector. Delaying replacement can lead to a more serious problem in the fuel delivery system which can be a lot costlier to repair.

The good thing about getting a fuel injector holder with an OES Genuine badge is you can be sure that it will work well without affecting the injector's reliability and capabilities. The OES Genuine fuel injector holder matches the specifications of your factory-installed component so you can rest assured that it will work well along with many other fuel delivery system parts especially the fuel injector. And because it has the dimensions of your stock, the fuel injector holder from OES Genuine will easily fit in its place, without the need for modification.

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