OES Genuine Fuel Injector Cushion Ring & Accessories

Fuel can leak anywhere in the fuel assembly of your vehicle, and one of the common points of leakage is the connection between the fuel rail and intake manifold-prevent leakage in this connection by getting an OES Genuine fuel injector cushion ring. This ring is but a simple hardware, but the sealing that it provides greatly affects your car's fuel economy, your driving performance, and your ride safety. By preventing leakage, you ensure that your engine receives sufficient fuel for combustion. Plus, you keep yourself safe from possibilities of fire that may endanger your life and wellbeing. That, and more, you will surely enjoy when you have a high-quality fuel injector cushion ring in your vehicle.

The OES Genuine fuel injector cushion ring, however, does not only work as a seal. It also ensures the proper alignment of the fuel rail to the intake manifold. The fuel rail contains the injectors, and it is attached to the intake manifold for spraying fuel that will be used for producing power. The parts have to be properly aligned for fuel spraying to take place properly, and the ring is responsible for ensuring that. The ring helps the hardware that connects the two parts together, so the connection is strengthened and possible problems are avoided. Along with the o-rings and washers in the assembly, the OES Genuine fuel injector cushion ring guarantees a secured and tightly sealed fuel system.

When you install a cushion ring, it is placed in between the two components being connected. Over time, the pressure that the ring has to endure takes toll on it and it becomes damaged. When the damage has become too much, the part gets torn and leaks develop. Always be on the look out for leaks, and address them at once. If you are replacing your old ring with a new OES Genuine fuel injector cushion ring, see to it that you mount the new part properly. Improper mounting can cause the part to become stretched, which will allow fuel to leak out. Improper alignment can also happen if you're not careful, and the effect is the same. Aside from improper alignment and tearing, another problem that may plague the ring is dirt accumulation. Cleaning the part is easy, although many drivers prefer to simply replace it.

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