OES Genuine Fuel Filler Restrictor & Accessories

You'll soon have a lot of problems if you don't install an OES Genuine Filler Restrictor in place of that busted factory restrictor in your car. As you may know, the fuel filler restrictor is typically installed in vehicles to prevent certain types of fuel (leaded fuel, for instance) to be dispensed into the fuel system. The restrictor only allows certain types of nozzles to be used when refueling the vehicle. Aside from this, the fuel filler restrictor also prevents fuel from drenching the side of the automobile. Like all other components, the restrictor deteriorates over time until it's not suitable for further use anymore. No amount of sealant can save a bad restrictor, so you must get rid of yours immediately.

Another problem with a bad fuel filler restrictor is that it could cause you to fail emissions tests. If your restrictor is significantly damaged because of frequent use, there's a good chance inspectors would fail your vehicle. It doesn't matter if your vehicle churns out acceptable levels of emissions; if its restrictor is severely battered or damaged, it won't pass the inspection, resulting in wasted dollars. You may also have a problem filling up your tank properly when your existing restrictor is in bad condition. Finally, there's also the possibility that the damaged restrictor gets completely dislodged and falls into the fuel tank, which would spell absolute disaster for your vehicle. Fortunately, you can always replace your defective restrictor with an OES Genuine Fuel Filler Restrictor.

Imagine spending money on a run-of-the-mill replacement fuel filler restrictor only to see the part deteriorate after just a few months following installation. To make sure you won't encounter the same problems again for a very long time, choose an OES Genuine Fuel Filler Restrictor for your replacement unit. This high-quality restrictor is made of high-strength materials, so you can surely rely on it for years and possibly for the rest of your ride's service life. OE specs are strictly observed throughout its manufacturing process, ensuring perfect fit and durable construction. It would be difficult not to pass any emissions test once this top-notch part is installed in your vehicle. Check your vehicle's manual before proceeding with the installation to know how to correctly set up the replacement restrictor.

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