OES Genuine Freeze Plug & Accessories

Freeze plugs are notorious for being made of extremely thin metals-but not the high-quality OES Genuine Freeze Plug. Act quickly if you notice water leaking down your engine's side because that's a common indication of a bad freeze plug or core plug. Since the plug is made of such thin material, it easily corrodes, especially when the cooling mixture you use in your vehicle contains a lot of water. A leak should never be taken lightly because heat in your engine could sharply rise without adequate coolant flowing in the system. Numerous vital components, including the engine itself, could sustain significant damage when the vehicle overheats.

Freeze plugs are typically located on the side of the engine block. These components are extremely important as they allow water in the engine block to freeze and expand without damaging the engine block and the motor. The plugs pop out as water freezes in the block, which is why they're also sometimes called “expansion plugs.” Aside from water on the surface of the block, another sign of bad freeze plugs is water seeping from the bell housing's hole between the tranny and engine. Some drivers try to repair bad plugs by applying sealant on them but this is just a temporary solution that won't hold up for long. The only way to get rid of costly coolant leaks is by installing a new plug, such as an OES Genuine Freeze Plug. Once installed, coolant can efficiently run throughout your vehicle like before.

As mentioned, factory freeze plugs cause a lot of drivers trouble because their poor construction make them vulnerable to corrosion. It's also quite tricky to access these plugs as you may have to remove the transmission first depending on your vehicle. Some repair procedures even require the removal of the engine itself! So to make sure you won't have to trouble yourself with your freeze plugs very soon, invest in a high-quality OES Genuine Freeze Plug that will last years. This special plug is cut from extremely durable materials, so it will effectively contract and expand for a long time without sustaining significant damage. Review your vehicle's manual before installing new plugs to make sure you have all of them correctly replaced.

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