OES Genuine Fog Light Lens & Accessories

Don't risk your safety when driving in foggy weathers-replace your broken lens with a new OES Genuine fog light lens. The fog lights are located on the lower part of your vehicle's front end, making them susceptible to damage. Stones, tree branches, and other road debris can easily reach the said lights, and the impact can damage their lenses. And while damaged lenses would not immediately mean complete loss of light, that possibility may not be far-fetched. If you ignore the broken lenses of your car's fog lights, you also expose the bulb to damaging elements that may soon cause it to fail. Soon enough, you may find your fog lights unable to emit light beams because the bulb has also become broken.

And, you cannot substitute your headlights for the fog lights-they won't suffice. The location and angling of the headlights cause their beams to run straight into the fog. Instead of piercing through, the beams are just reflected back, and the glare caused by this can be dangerous. Therefore, it's of utmost importance that you keep your car's fog lights in good shape, and that you immediately address any problem that occurs with any of the fog light parts. When it comes to your broken fog light lens, only an OES Genuine fog light lens will suffice. It's a high-quality lens that can resist impacts and other forms of damage, so you can expect it to last for a long time.

To get the most out of your fog lights, remember to mount them properly and to keep them correctly angled. Too low an angling and the lights won't illuminate much of the road ahead; too high an angling and the lights can cause glare both to you and to oncoming drivers. So, be sure that the angling is correct, and regularly check the lights to be sure that the proper angle is maintained. And to keep the beams bright, maintain the clarity of your OES Genuine fog light lens-clean it regularly to remove dust and dirt accumulation that may hinder the emission of sufficient light beams. Of course, you need to be sure as well that all the other lights in your vehicle are functional-from your headlights down to the side markers. Foggy weathers are dangerous, and you need all the illumination that you can get. The most efficient fog lights won't suffice if all the other lights are not working.

With all these pointers given, you may now be ready to shop for a new OES Genuine fog light lens and to restore the efficiency of your car's fog lights. That's not a problem because Parts Train is here. We have a wide range of automotive lights and lighting components, and these are sourced from leading auto parts manufacturers. The said parts are readily available in our catalog, and finding them is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. So, there's no need to prolong the vulnerability of your car's entire fog lights because of the absence of the lens-you can now have the new OES Genuine fog light lens in no time.