OES Genuine Flex Plate Lock Plate & Accessories

It's important to keep the flex plate of your ride's automatic transmission system locked down tight, which is why you should replace it with a new OES Genuine Flex Plate Lock Plate as soon as you find that it's damaged or too worn out. This is an excellent replacement lock plate that's going to provide you with quality and performance that's on par with, if not going a whole level higher than, the quality of the stock counterpart. This way, you can enjoy unhampered efficiency and functionality out of the vehicle's transmission.

If you're worried that the OES Genuine Flex Plate Lock Plate won't hold up to the kind of quality that the stock lock plate provided you all this time, don't be. Each one has been designed and engineered to match stock counterparts, from the form to the functionality. What's more, every OES Genuine product is manufactured at top-of-the-line facilities with premium-grade machinery. This guarantees absolute precision, and allows every single product to pass any industry standard for quality and reliability. Since you're assured of OE-style specs, you won't have a hard time installing this replacement onto your vehicle. It simply takes the place of the old flex plate lock plate. Of course, you might also want to consider replacing the bolts holding the lock plate in place to ensure proper fit and secure mounting. With everything in order, you'll be able to enjoy exceptional transmission system performance for a long, long time.

Should you choose this OES Genuine Flex Plate Lock Plate, you don't just get fine craftsmanship and unparalleled reliability; you also get yourself some peace of mind. That's because each lock plate comes with a 12,000-mile or 12-month warranty from the manufacturer itself. The warranty is excellent if ever you encounter some damage on the part right after opening the box, or if the lock plate has some factory defects. Either way, you can just send it right back to get a fresh product-you'll never be stuck with something that you can't use. This is an added guarantee that you'll be getting a reliable component for your vehicle.

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